GM Diversity: GMS3

An Unexpected Union of GM and Music Heritage

People express feelings about their career in many different ways. GMS3 happens to sing about their employer and experience.

Dwayne Hawkins, a UAW union rep from the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Kan. along with colleagues Tremaine Stephens and Terrence Thomas, formed GMS3, a hip-hop trio that produces songs about GM. Hawkins and Stephens started arranging music when they worked together at a plant in Shreveport, La. and brought Thomas into the fold after transferring to the Fairfax plant in 2008.

The name of the group stands for “Great Music Standards,” which is what they strive to achieve, and the “3” signifies the number of members. GMS3 chose these acronyms as a play on “Global Manufacturing System (GMS),” which refers to the single, universal manufacturing process that keeps the GM plant running efficiently.

It all started when a Fairfax plant manager who was aware of their musical talent asked them to write about their day-to-day responsibilities at GM, and the group jumped at the chance. “When it comes to General Motors, it was so easy to talk about because we know how the whole process works,” said Hawkins. The three of them were excited about this new opportunity and began to document, in a creative way, the cars they help build.

Embracing the brand’s history and broad product offering, the group wrote the song “American Made.” Following this anthem, they produced the songs “The Fleet” and “Find New Roads.” Created specifically for the launch of the 2014 Chevy Impala, GMS3 wrote “I Like Your Style,” subtitled the Impala Anthem, and performed the song at the Chevy Urban Style event in New York City on May 8, 2013. 

Hawkins, Stephens and Thomas have all worked for GM in some capacity for more than a decade. “It’s a blessing, honestly, to work for GM,” Hawkins mentioned. “They’ve showed so much support for what we did.”

To listen to GMS3’s songs, click here.