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    A Culture of Inclusion

    We live and breathe in a world that is full of diversity, and as a result we’re given many opportunities to grow, learn, and be limitless. At GM, it’s up to us to create an environment of diverse characteristics contributed by an abundant group of people. The result? By generating a culture of inclusion, not only is GM making our customers happy, but our employees happy, too. Take a look at the facts highlighting the amazing work of GM’s talented African American and Hispanic employees.

  • Grace Lieblein President of GM Mexico | GM Diversity

    From Student

    to President: One

    Woman’s Journey

    Grace Lieblein started as a co-op student at General Motors Assembly Division in1978. Eventually, she became the first woman President and Managing Director of GM de Mexico and the President and Managing Director of GM de Brasil.

    Click to watch Grace’s impressive story.

  • GM Engineers honored at HACR Conference | GM Diversity | GM.com

    GM Hispanic Engineers

    Honored at 2014 HACR

    Annual Conference

    The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) and their HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers (YHCA) Program, spotlight young Hispanics who have shown exceptional leadership qualities and capabilities within their corporation. This year, GM Latina Engineers, Diana Ortega and Nydia Correa, were among the elite group of recipients.

  • Welcome to Diversity with Ken Barrett

    Diversity is Critical

    At GM, we drive diversity throughout the company by focusing on an inclusive environment that welcomes and enables all employees to perform at their highest potential. Please explore below to learn more about our community efforts, sponsorships, employee resource groups and to stay current with GM’s diversity events.

    Watch as Chief Diversity Officer Ken Barrett further explains this philosophy.

  • Celebrating Hispanic

    Heritage at GM

    Every September 15 through October 15, the US celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month - but at GM, we know the accomplishments of Hispanics should be celebrated throughout the year. That’s why we interviewed Antoinette Fox, Senior Program Support Engineer, Powertrain ME President and President of GM’s Hispanic Initiative Team, and Alba Colon, Program Manager at GM, to share how they’re a driving force for Hispanics and the GM community.

Diversity in Action at GM